It’s not always easy to know how to get to where we want to be in life.

But with the help of an experienced, dedicated, and understanding coach, the task can become far more straightforward than ever before! I love helping people find their place in the world — that is truly one of my passions, and something that I would love to share with you. Having worked with many different kinds of people, cultures, personalities, ages, backgrounds, and situations, I appreciate all the unique things that make you who you are!

One thing that I’ve often encountered when people find out that I’m a coach, is a feeling of, “I don’t need a coach! Coaches are only for people who are lost, and I’m not lost!” But having a coach isn’t like going to the doctor. While it’s generally people who are sick who go see a doctor, it’s usually those who are healthy who have a coach! Just think about it. Every single professional athlete you’ve ever seen, and every amateur or pro league sports team has at least one coach! The coach’s job isn’t necessarily to fix what is wrong — it’s to maximize your potential and to help you gain the edge over the competition by being better, smarter, and more efficient! And that’s true of sports as much as it is in other aspects of our lives: work, family, love, interests, our emotional, and our spiritual journeys.


Please contact me and we can set up an appointment for a free consultation, to discover what your goals are, and how I can help make them a reality.


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